Learn how spend your time writing business logic, not boilerplate code in your React apps.

This course teaches you how to build React apps that are both quick to get off the ground for an MVP and flexible enough to grow with your changing business needs.

We cover everything that you will need to build your own end-to-end strongly-typed React apps that enable you to focus less on writing fragile, single purpose data fetching code and more on creating features that your users care about.

Learn by doing: build a Recipe Sharing App

We will learn all of these best practices by creating a Recipe Sharing application called Next Chop. Here is some of what you will be learning:

  • Use libraries and Styled Components for a lovely UI

  • Site-wide templates for a consistent layout

  • Apollo and GraphCMS for a flexible GraphQL backend

  • Eliminate type errors with GraphQLCodeGen

  • Custom alerts and modals for helpful user feedback

  • Manage user state with Auth0 and React Hooks

  • Fetch exactly the data you need for individual 'favorites', 'all', and 'my' recipe pages

  • Keep track of user likes for a particular recipe

  • Learn mutations with 'create' and 'update' recipe pages

  • Image uploads to share your most delicous recipes

  • Secure backend with a proxy service to verify all requests

  • Automated serverless deployment with Vercel

Building a frontend React application is complex. You have to not only control how your various UI elements will appear on a page, but you need to make sure that it will look great across a variety of different screen types and you also need to manage fetching the wide variety of data needed to feed all these individual components. You also need to manage user login, SEO optimization, and on top of all that deploy your site in a way so that it will effortlessly scale when your site gets featured on Ellen.

Luckily, there have been some amazing tools and services that has been developed over the past few years that will allow you to abstract away much of this fragile code writing process. In this course, I will show you how to rely on battle-tested libraries and set up code that will update automatically as your project grows and evolves.

What people are saying about the Next Chop

Svitlana Shepitsena

Svitlana Shepitsena
Web Developer

"These tutorials are a great piece of art- really nice to watch and easy to follow. I learned a ton of useful stuff including how to set up Next.js projects and how to use layouts, global styles and themes with Styled Components. It’s a perfect course- thank you!"

Tim Birkmire

Tim Birkmire
Software Developer

"I had already taken several tutorials on topics covered in this course (React, Typescript, GraphQL w/Apollo, Authentication, etc), but I was struggling with how everything ties together in an actual web application. After taking this course, everything became crystal clear and I learned so much more than I bargained for."

Meet Stephen

Hi I’m Stephen! I'm a Senior Fullstack Developer and Software Architect from Chicago. I've designed and built a number of professional webapps and I run the Codemochi blog and YouTube channel where I've helped over 50,000 students on their coding journey.

I built this course as a complete working example of a fully featured web application that someone with a basic to intermediate knowledge of React should be able to follow.

Benefits of this stack

GraphQL Logo

Strong Typing with GraphQL

Use GraphQL to expressively describe how your data models are related to each other without code.

React Hooks

Expressive Data Fetching with Apollo Hooks

Use Apollo Hooks on your client for manage all of your data fetching and for storing and aggregating all of your data.

GraphCMS Logo

Set it and Forget it Serverless Backend

Graphical CMS as a backend for storing data and images.

Vercel Logo

Effortless Production Grade Frontend Deployment with Code Pipeline

Forget about managing infrastructure with automated serverless frontend deployments.

Auth0 Logo

Effortless Auth with Auth0

Tried and tested user signup, login, and access rules with Auth0.

Next.js Logo

SEO Optimized from the Ground Up

Dynamic server side rendered pages that are optimized for SEO with Next.js

Typescript Logo

Eliminate type errors with Typescript

Code with confidence- static typing immediately verifies that variables, functions, and properties are used as they should be.

GraphQL Code Generator Logo

Generate Schema Code Automatically

Use GraphQL Code Generation to build all your data types with one command.

What we are building

Recipe List Photo

Recipe List

Recipe Detail List Photo

Recipe Detail List

OAuth User Login / Signup Photo

OAuth User Login / Signup

New Recipe Page with Image Upload Photo

New Recipe Page with Image Upload

My Recipes Page for user generated recipes Photo

My Recipes Page for user generated recipes

Users can only update and delete their own recipes Photo

Users can only update and delete their own recipes

Like your Favorite Recipes Photo

Like your Favorite Recipes

View all of your Liked Recipes Photo

View all of your Liked Recipes