End to End React with Prisma 2

Start at the beginning and work your way through this project. The code for each step as well as the finished project can be found in the Github repository.

    29. Add saved article list component

    Objective: Take an array of articles from the RSS feed and build an article list.

    Now that we are fetching the articles, let's build a list component for them. Since these RSS feeds can be quite long, sometimes with tens or hundreds of items though, let's build in pagination from the start to keep track of it all. We could do this ourselves but there is a great react package called react-js-pagination that we will use.

    npm install --save react-js-pagination



    import { useState } from 'react'
    import Pagination from 'react-js-pagination'
    export const ArticleList = ({ articleList }: { articleList: any[] }) => {
    const [currentPagination, setPagination] = useState({
    currentPage: 1,
    articlesPerPage: 8,
    const { currentPage, articlesPerPage } = currentPagination
    const indexOfLastArticle = currentPage * articlesPerPage
    const indexOfFirstArticle = indexOfLastArticle - articlesPerPage
    const currentArticles = articleList.slice(
    return (
    <h3 className="py-4 font-medium text-lg ">Articles</h3>
    <div className="grid grid-cols-1 gap-4">
    {currentArticles.map(({ feed, ...oneArticle }) => (
    <p key={oneArticle.title}>{oneArticle.title}</p>
    innerClass="rounded py-2 px-2 flex"
    onChange={clickedNumber => {
    setPagination(currState => ({
    currentPage: parseInt(clickedNumber),

    We have the entire list of items in articleList that we pass in as a prop. We have a state which stores both the number of articles per page and the page that we are on. We calculate the index of the first and last articles on the list and perform a slice on articleList to get the chunk of articles that we are currently displaying. We then display that with using map.

    The Pagination component nicely displays all of the page numbers and the forward and back buttons. As we click through the the pages, we store the page number on that state variable currentPage which controls how the list gets sliced to give us our segment of articles.

    Then we need to use this component in the GenerateArticleList component:



    import { ArticleList } from './articleList'
    // rest of react component
    if (loading) {
    return <NotifyLoading />
    if (error) {
    return <NotifyError />
    return <ArticleList articleList={data} />

    Now we should see that a list of article titles. As we click between the different pages they should change. The titles should also change as we switch to different feeds or to the bundles page. Awesome!

    Next we will create an actual article component.